What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy involves a body of skin temperature water with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt (think dead sea). Buoyancy occurs naturally due to the salts and the client will float effortlessly. There are a range of benefits that one can experience (see benefits). 

Anyone can float and there is nothing special you have to do. Just lay back and relax! .


Float Therapy BenefitsFloat Therapy Benefits


 The body balances and heals naturally in a gravity-free floating environment. Floating measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate while lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals in the body. Injuries and aches are relieved and studies have also shown an increase in positive mood. Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate has been used for decades as a treatment for aches, pains and skin ailments. Magnesium is incredibly important to health and wellbeing, and almost everyone is deficient in this mineral that is vital in many enzymatic functions. Adequate levels of magnesium are correlated with lower incidences of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure, better quality of sleep, cholesterol improvement and lower stress levels. It is also necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. The body can experience a range of benefits from any form of deep relaxation. Floating is widely used in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and chronic aches and pain. Float therapy can help with the following: Induces intense relaxation Recovery from physical workouts, muscle tension Relieves injuries, especially back aches. Eases arthritis and fibromyalgia Eases aches and pain Improves the condition of skin because of the Epsom salts Relieves stress Lowers blood pressure Useful in pregnancy (for the full 9 months) ​


Floating can slow down brain wave patterns allowing a person to reach “theta” waves, which are induced during a deep meditation or just before falling asleep. This is usually accompanied by lucid imagery, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations, or feelings of profound peace and joy. Spectacular for deep meditation Helps with clarity, focus, creativity and imagination Relaxes the mind


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a person float naturally? Can anyone float??

Yes, over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt provides buoyancy for your body to float naturally and effortlessly. How private is a float room? Completely private; you can lock the door to enter the room that has the float spa but you are not locked into the water area. You can float in your bathing suit or your birthday suit! Do you need to bring anything? You do not need towels, they are provided, we also provide neck support pillows, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion (conditioner and lotion are for after the float not before, we want to avoid the oils from getting into the float), you can bring a bathing suit but you do not need one as you have full privacy, and we also provide ear plugs and a Dyson hair dryer.  

What are some basic directions before floating?

1. Arrive 5 minutes before your float. You do have a waiver to sign before you float.
2. Avoid shaving or waxing several hours before floating, the Epsom salt water will sting when it comes to cuts and lacerations.
3. Avoid splashing the water or getting the water in your eyes, the Epsom salt water will sting if it gets into your eyes just like the ocean water causes this, there will be a water spray bottle if you happen to get salt water in your eyes to flush your eyes
4. There is a rinse/shower area which you will use before and after floating. We recommend five minutes of rinsing/showering to clean your body of all oils, creams and makeup.
5. Avoid wearing oils, creams and makeup when coming to float.
6. Avoid having hair products, eye contact lenses or jewelry on when you float. You can take these items off and leave them on the table in your private room.
7. Avoid having hair color that will bleed into the float room, swim caps do not work.
8. Be aware of water potentially getting onto the floor when you enter and exit the rinsing/shower area and/or the float tub and know that you can fall if you are not careful.
9. Avoid a full stomach and bladder; use the bathroom before you float.
10. Be hydrated but without a full bladder, a float room can be humid. 11. Avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine before floating.

What if I am scared of tight spaces?

Our floats are a lot more spacious than typical float rooms, there is also the option to keep the door to the float open and also listen to music or keep the LED light on while you are floating. The relaxation may also allow you to ease into the space. 

What are some medical contraindications to floating? Who should not float and/or consult a doctor and/or get written permission before floating?

1. If you have swimmers ear, are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water, please bring your own ear water specific plugs, we supply standard disposable ear plugs only.
2. If you have skin rashes, lesions, wounds, athlete’s foot, a cold, virus, herpes or any infectious or contagious diseases.
3. If you are pregnant you need a doctor’s permission to float; floating is actually really helpful for pregnant women.
4. Uncontrolled kidney disease, heart disease, or anyone who has a pacemaker.
5. Problems with bowel or bladder.
6. Uncontrolled diabetes or insulin dependency.
7. Anyone taking medication for epilepsy or seizures.
8. Anyone who has panic attacks, psychosis, schizophrenia or diagnosed claustrophobia.
9. Anyone who has a medical condition that does not allow them to tolerate absorption of magnesium sulfate or be in humid or warm area.
10. Anyone with uncontrolled hypertension.


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