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Frances McCoy

My first float was an amazing experience. The effects after the float were just as wonderful as being in the float. The place was so clean and everything very high tech. And the people working there were very friendly and genuine. Can't wait to try a cryotherapy and float combination!

Avery Woodard

I have been to 7 or are 8 different float centers and this place is Fantastic! It is sparkling clean and they have the highest end float tanks on the market today. The staff is also excellent and the owner of the business has a lot of passion for floating and it shows in the way the business is run. Floating is a wonderful tool for stress and/or pain relief and also for anyone that wants to explore meditation or visualization. I highly recommend people give it a try and this a great place to try floating. 2


I absolutely LOVE coming to A Journey Within! It’s a place to just leave all your problems behind for a bit & rejuvenate yourself. You feel a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere as soon as you walk in & leave feeling brand new. Wellness is important to me & A Journey Within offers so many services that help me take care of my body such as massages, Thai stretching, a sauna, float pool, yoga, etc. If you’re into wellness, fitness, or holistic health, you’d love it here.

Carrie Blakely

Hands down the best massage and float experience I’ve ever had, the staff are amazing and the atmosphere is so relaxing. After every float I’ve felt brand new over and over I love this place can’t wait for my next float and massage sesh. Thank you jouney within for all you guys do.see y’all soon :)

Journey Within Wellness Center

Your Journey Begins Here

Rockville MD.